Make Michele Bachmann's Friend 'Jim' Say Lies About You


Calling themselves the "Friends of Tarryl Clark," some friends of Tarryl Clark -- Michele Bachmann election opponent, tax-lover, and all-around socialist -- have created an Internet game that mocks Bachmann and her campaign-ad friend Jim in a cruel and unjust manner. These so-called "Friends" accuse Jim of making "misleading and false accusations"! All he ever did was try to help people understand how how much Clark willtax your crayons. features Jim doing his best Larry Craig stance and offers players the chance to become "the subject of one of fake 'Jim's' outrageous attacks!" But to get Jim to start lying about you, you must first fill out the site's official census form, which asks questions even more invasive than the U.S. Census Bureau's totally Big-Brothery form. Why must you do this? So that Clark's "Friends" can start sending you "Vote for Tarryl" campaign emails, every day, multiple times a day, until you hate Tarryl Clark? Or is it for a more sinister reason, such as "selling your info to the AFL-CIO" for their indoctrination camp recruitment ? On second thought, maybe you should skip this game and stick to computer solitaire. []


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