Make Your Own Virginia Customized LOL PLATEZ!!!1!

LOL gay! - Wonkette

Here's how it works: Go to this Virginia DMV website and waste their precious online resources all afternoon by making hilarious custom license plates.

Many stupid examples after the jump.

Osama rolls in a Lincoln Navigator.

He'll rip your lungs out, Jim ... - Wonkette

Hey can you just hold the Senator's bag for a minute? It's probably not filled with loaded, unregistered guns.

Welcome to America! - Wonkette

George Allen is also a deer enthusiast.

Proudly protecting Virginia from the Viet Cong - Wonkette

You can have this plate if you want; Bush never showed up to take his driving test.

That's some rough girls! - Wonkette

Back to doing what he loved.

And remember, he was TORTURED, and you gotta love him for it! - Wonkette

My friends, this is my custom license plate, my friends.

License Plate Purchase [Virginia DMV]


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