Maliki to Sunnis: Drop Dead

We know all of you were distracted by Fred Thompson's dirty letters and America's cumstain, but remember how the biggest Sunni bloc in Iraq's government said they were going to quit if they didn't get their way? Well political mastermind Nouri Al-Maliki responded to them today, with a diplomatic "fuck you."

Maliki dismissed each one of the Accordance Front's 11 demands, one by one, through a spokesman, who presumably spit in disgust after shooting down each one. The Accordance Front wants all sorts of unreasonable things like getting Shiite militia members out of the Iraqi security forces and the release of some of their thousands of imprisoned family members.

As we all count down to David Petraeus' September 15 progress report, Maliki's cabinet is hurriedly collapsing and the legislature is busy not passing any bills -- just like America! Democracy does work!

Despite Maliki's kinda dickish response, the Front isn't mad.

"They are upset, and we understand that, but we will be patient until they respond in a reasonable way," Abdullah said.

Which means they won't quit the government until next Wednesday. And Maliki won't be the victim of a suspiciously well-funded violent coup until like Labor Day.

Iraqi Government Dismisses Sunni Demands [WP]


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