Malkin's Plea: 'Write About Me Some More!'

We've got real breaking news to worry about, but in Michelle Malkin's world it's all about Michelle Malkin. Her latest e-mail to Gawker Corporate Headquarters reads, in full: "This is my second request for a correction and apology."

To which we say, What the hell are we supposed to be correcting? We make fun of you, you act outraged about it, your readers get all excited, you send us the $5 through PayPal, we purchase a cocktail, you don't have to come up with something to blog about. We think this is working out pretty sweet for you. In fact, we're starting to think $5 isn't a fair price. This may be what you pay illegal immigrants to write your Immigration Blog, but we have green cards!

Then again, it's still $5 per post and you know how we like Happy Hour, so we'll put up this one. And that's it! For today, anyway .... Oh, new picture after the jump!


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