Man Doesn't Believe In Gravity, Will Interview President


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Let's all cue this video up to 1:40. Yes, this atheist is rather dumb, because he doesn't seem to understand either: The Moon creates the tides. It's called "gravity," a revolutionary new theory. Will NASA please tow the Moon away from Earth so we can show Bill O'Reilly his single belief is incorrect? Hopefully in time for Barack Obama's interview with him on Super-Bowl Sunday. What?

Obama will be interviewed by the conservative Fox News host O'Reilly on Feb. 6, Super Bowl Sunday.

And, yes: Fox is televising the Super Bowl -- the Obama-O'Reilly confab will be during the pre-game show. [...]

The Super Sunday interview has become something of a tradition with Obama.

Two years ago, the president spoke with Matt Lauer of NBC; last year, it was Katie Couric.

Good choice, Fox. O'Reilly can ask Obama the ultimate gotcha question: "Magnets: How do they work?" [YouTube/USA Today]


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