Man Must Eat, Despite Snow


Right, so there's a blizzard happening right now and the possibility of the city crumbling under the storm is very, very likely. All praise OPM and its fine ability to keep the government closed. Well done!The Washington Post breaks down everywhere you cannot go today because of this pesky little storm. But it will stop, your car will come out from that pile of snow and enjoying DC without the possibility of death will once again be possible, maybe.

  • Thursday, February 11: Food & Friends can't deliver food to folks in need because of this storm and they need you, if you own a SUV that is, to help them with their deliveries on Thursday. They have yet to miss a single delivery despite all the snow, but are in need of help considering the blizzard and all. After spending three days at home 'working', it can't hurt to lend a hand. [Food & Friends]
  • Thursday, February 11 through Sunday, February 14: This weekend is the International Food and Wine Festival. Sample 600+ wines as well as international foods that compliment said 600+ wines. Ticket prices vary and there are various events happening over the four days. [11th Annual Washington D.C. International¬† Wine & Food Festival]
  • Saturday, February 13: Head to the Cake Bar on Saturday for a pre-Valentine's Day treat: samples of cakes, chocolate fudge and dessert wines. Cost is $20. The event goes from 7PM to 10PM. [The Cake Bar]
  • Chinese New Year: Plenty of restaurants are offering specials for the Chinese New Year. Ping Pong Dim Sum is serving a special meal for $60, The Source is offering a 5-course culinary tour through China for $95 a person, and TenPenh is offering a four-course Tiger-inspired (um, inspired by the taste of human flesh?) tasting dinner. Eat up, the Chinese New Year is after all the longest and most important festival in the Lunar Calendar. [Ping Pong Dim Sum, The Source, TenPenh]

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