Man Who Shot George Wallace Released From Prison In Time For 2008 Campaign

Send THEM a Message: W A L L A C E - WonketteBack in the "good old days" of the early 1970s, America was torn apart by recession, gasoline rationing, race riots, the Vietnam war and segregation -- which was still a big issue in places where blacks were especially hated, such as Alabama, where Democrat Governor George Wallace was bravely keeping the Negro children out of White schools despite the Supreme Court's orders. Wallace was immensely popular with Democrats who hoped to keep their schools white, too. So it was a national tragedy when a libtard nut named Arthur Bremer shot Wallace at a Maryland campaign stop in May 1972.

Wallace was paralyzed and forced to drop out of the race, so Nixon won again in a massive landslide.

And now, after 35 years in prison, Bremer is being paroled. Wallace died in 1998.

The lesson for America is ... well, there's never any lesson. It's all just a hazy and quickly forgotten series of random acts of pointless violence punctuating institutionalized racism and demagoguery and dreary campaign cycles designed to exploit the very worst aspects of the American soul, the end.

That's not our perspective, of course -- that's the sentiment of Arthur Bremer himself, who had this to say when his parole was refused a decade ago:

"Everyone is mean nowadays ... (We've) got teenagers running around with drugs and machine guns, they never heard of me," he said. "They never heard of the public figure in my case, and they couldn't care less. I was in prison when they were born. The country kind of went to hell in the last 24 years."

George Wallace's Shooter To Be Released [WTOP/AP]


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