Manly Deeds Vs. Washington Post

Uplift me, and all benefits flow to us ...Ward 5 Councilman Vincent Orange is only expected to get about 5% of the vote in today's D.C. mayoral primary.

But who believes polls these days? We're still going to throw the full weight of a Wonkette Endorsement his way, because Orange's commercials are incredible. Details after the jump ....

If your car radio and TV are broken, you've likely missed the campaign brilliance of this ad, which features Orange doing his power-of-positive-thought rhyming in front of the White House ... or a blue screen showing a shot of the White House, at least.

In this one, the 26-year District resident says "the last shall come first" because he's going to do some "manly deeds." One such manly deed is to "definitely reject the needs of the Washington Post."

The Last Shall Come First [Vincent Orange]

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Reject the Needs of the Washington Post! [Vincent Orange]

Leadership Positions at Stake in D.C. Primary [Washington Post]


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