Man's Multiple Needs Are Just Too Much For Thinkers


Tuesday, February 23: That Obama, he's not trying to protect America from terrorism, why would he do that? Democrats don't believe in safety, nor do they worship torture rock-star John Yoo, and this is very problematic. They want everyone to die a horrible death from a terrorist attack, because this is how Socialism works. Such is your weekly fear mongering event from the Heritage Foundation. [Heritage Foundation]

  • Tuesday, February 23: The recession has ruined the lives of low-income men, not that women have for years lived in poverty and faced discrimination, but now low-income men live terrible lives too, and this is cause for alarm. Their "multiple needs" must be addressed, and addressed they will be at the Center for American Progress on Tuesday. [Center for American Progress]
  • Thursday, February 25: According to the Urban Institute, everyone now knows we're in a financial crisis, including people outside of what they refer to as the "elite circles." (These outsiders must have read their policy papers). Now that real people are experiencing problems that the Urban folks just get to think about, the Institute has come up with a "Trillion Reasons to Get Serious about Our Fiscal Future" to present at an event in DC that will only be attended by people in elite circles. [Urban Institute]
  • Friday, February 26: Osama bin Laden's lack of Facebook presence is making it extremely hard to capture him, unlike Sadam Hussein who we captured, according to the New America Foundation, by using "Facebook-style social network theory." That is, by using the concept that people know people who know people, we will win the War on Terror. [New America Foundation]

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