Man's Name: Short Funny Phrase

While not exactly phoning it in today, it might be accurate to say we are operating Wonkette via a thermal paper fax machine. We are in a hurry, we have posted things with lots of quotes. The headlines have become a little formulaic. Why? We have to figure out what to wear to the premiere of that Michael Moore movie everyone's talking about. . . what's it called again? "Bowling for Preposterous Conspiracy Theories"? "Saddam and Me"? Whatever. We're excited. We totally heart propaganda.

There's some kind of red-carpet thingee that I understand will be covered by MSNBC. And there's a party that seems like an exclusive affair that might not even be crashable via the patented Wonkette Party Crashing Method. (Like we'd tell you.) Whatever happens, we promise a full report. Except for the parts that happen after we black out.


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