March Of the Robots

Greetings, friend. Do you wish to look as happy as me? - WonketteRobot phone calls are driving people nuts throughout the northeast. The prank calls claim to be from one candidate (the Democrat) while they're actually from the other (the Republican).

Prerecorded phone calls have been a pathetic part of campaigns for a generation, but these new robo-calls add a new element: Hang up, and the phone rings again. Hang up, and the phone rings again. Some of the robots are making seven or eight calls in a row to the same number.

The infuriated voter trying to eat dinner or beat his children ends up wanting to kill the candidate blamed for the call. It's pretty brilliant, and it's one more reason Wonkette is proud to be free of land lines.

Republican Voter Suppression -- Catch 'Em on Tape [Matthew Gross]

"False Flag" Robocalls [Talking Points Memo]

Investigators: Political Phone Messages May Be Illegal In N.H. [WMUR TV]


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