Marine Checks Gun-And-Bomb Stuff In Luggage, Because Why Not

Marine Checks Gun-And-Bomb Stuff In Luggage, Because Why Not

Ha ha, so, funny story: a traveling Marine packed enough ammunition and explosives in his checked luggage to blow up, hmm let's say aPliosaur, and nobody really noticed or appeared to care until his luggage was inspected by TSA workers during a layover in Boston.Thus concluded the first incident in recorded history when TSA goons did something useful.

The guy checked his mini munitions factory in Las Vegas and was bound for Charlotte, North Carolina, but he got stuck in Boston due to his "possession of an infernal machine" (!) and having a concealed weapon in the secure area of an airport.

What the hell did this guy want to do with all this crap?

Boston TSA workers turned up a 9 mm gun, “several hundred rounds” of military 7.62 mm ammunition, a hand grenade fuse assembly and detonator, three model-rocket engines containing an explosive mixture, numerous switches and military pull-type fuses in Reed’s bag, authorities said.

Maybe one of our military/firearm-oriented commenters might shed some light on this weirdness. Till then, let's just assume this guy just couldn't think of anything fun to do in Charlotte besides assemble bombs.

Feds: Marine had material for bomb [Boston Herald]


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