Marines Remove 'Man' From Job Titles, Weepy Tough Guys Get Sand In Their Manginas

You can't handle the minor change in nomenclature!

Oh, noes, the Marine Corps has been overcome by political correctness, and now that they're openly recruiting A Few Good Women for combat jobs, the brass have handed down a whole new list of job titles that better reflect the (hellish, doubleplusungood) new reality that not everyone on an amphibious assault vehicle will be a crewman anymore. In most cases, terms including "man" simply get replaced by "Marine" -- so the people crewing that amphibious assault vehicle will be "amphibious assault vehicle Marines." Not surprisingly, there are some folks who are freaking the fuck out because this marks the beginning of the end of a noble tradition of noble service, yadda yadda feminization and pussification of The Corps, America is done for! Semper Fi? More like Simpering Femmes!

The change affects all of 19 job titles, 15 of which just swap in "Marine" for a term including "man." Some of the others:

“antitank missileman” has been renamed “antitank gunner,” and “field artillery operations man” is now “field artillery operations chief.” The other three title changes pertain to positions associated with reconnaissance Marine (formerly reconnaissance man) occupational specialties.

Dear Christ, they may as well just paint all the tanks pink. The Marine Corps Times notes that the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) Manual will be updated to include the new terms, and that the full review

included more than 33 MOSs, but many weren't affected because they already include gender-neutral descriptors like "specialist" or "chief."

You know what that means: gender neutral Political Correctness had already snuck into the MOS Manual before they even started letting ladies do combat jobs! Expect a call for investigation from some Republicans on the House Butthurt Caucus.

At least two job titles will retain their old-fashioned terminology, according to an official who spoke on condition of anonymity -- and was that because the official wasn't authorized to speak on the record, or because the official feared retribution from online feminists, who are SO MEAN? "Rifleman" and "mortarman" will remain as they are, since, the official said, they "are steeped in Marine Corps history and ethos ... Things that were changed needed to be updated to align with other MOS names."

Here's the full list of terms that are changing or being retained. We recommend that Red Pill Manosphere readers take a sedative before exposure:

And is everyone just fine with these changes? Absolutely not! As you probably recall from how America became a matriarchy when we started saying "firefighter' and "police officer," there are plenty of gripes -- although as basic infantry Marine Thomas Gibbons-Neff notes in the Washington Post,

Marines, though, complain about everything. Infantrymen Basic infantry Marines even more so.

We've seen this before, of course, when some traditionalist Marines had themselves a good pout-n-cry over Barack Obama's attempt to sap their manhood by forcing them to wear unisex hats. So, let's see some of the manly Marine tears as the Corps tries to cope with all this linguistic microaggression (which you can't even shoot back at with micro M-4s):

“On one hand, the name changes from ‘man’ to ‘person’ or whatever they want to call it doesn’t really matter. They could call mortarmen bakers for all I care,” said Sgt. Geoff Heath, a Marine rifleman with multiple combat deployments. “But on the other, it’s a direct reflection on society’s crybaby political correctness.”

It doesn't matter, but it's sooooooo wimpy! Gibbons-Neff (what! A hyphenated Marine? Someone please sob about that, too!) directs us to the Facebook page of "the Marine Corps’ unofficial scribe," Terminal Lance, where the commentary is coming in hot and heavy on the matter. Happily, not everyone's being a dick about it, so to speak (Gibbons-Neff, writing in a nice family paper, left out comments including swears, but we are bound by no such delicate sensibilities):

  • Marine Corps is a fucking joke now. Hopefully someone will come along and save it. Too bad the top brass doesn't have the balls to stand up for their Marines. Well this Infantryman here has a big FUCK YOU for SECNAV and the Marine officers that FAILED our Corps.
  • You know, I was going to bitch about PC crap...but "Infantry Assault Marine" sounds kinda cool...
  • So... is my corps being filled with a bunch of pussies? Cause I thought we were bad asses, who focussed more about training and fighting not about if our titles were offensive
  • God why in the ever loving christ would this shit happen... you know men is in the word women too! Might as well take out the man in it so they can be called Woes.
  • This is completely retarded. The Air Force still has "airman" ranks and the Navy has "seaman" ranks. Are they also changing there titles a appease a small group of sensitive individuals?
  • [from a poster with a female name] Those titles are still badass & a few years from now no one will even care.


    Also, if the first male nurses or doctors were all called medical ladies, they'd probably eventually want someone to change that shit too lol (I know men were doctors before women, but it's just to make a point lol)


    At least Machine Gunners are already good too.

  • [from a poster named "Paul" -- ?] And to think -- I had sand in my clit all these years and the only thing I had to do was quit calling myself a man. pffft. One thing is certain: the Commandant is now a puppet of the Pentagon which kowtows to and kisses the politically correct asses of the cowards in Congress and the Senate, none of which a single one will allow their children to serve.
  • I hope Secretary Carter is remembered for dying in a fiery train wreck instead of his career of implementing intense divisiveness in the world's greatest fighting forces. What a piece of shit.
  • From infantryman to infantry assault marine at least it's better than Corpsperson
  • Welcome one and all to the pussification that is America. Feel free to kick off your shoes and relax your feet. After all, we have free obama phones and free EBT handouts (nothing against people who actually NEED it only to get back on their feet) to give out. This country has seriously gone to shit and i for one am tired of this goddamn circle jerk, PC fucking shit show, libtard, "I got PTSD from firing an assault rifle," bullshit. America needs to fuckin growacet
  • Not really seeing why this matters. A marine is a marine


    If this triggers you well.. Not really sure what to say honestly. You'd think someone who has seen combat would have more stones

And then there was this Ultimate Insult: "At this rate, they'll start letting sailors into the Marines."

We were encouraged by Major Major Major Major to include a mention of the term "pogue/POG" (the Marine Equivalent to "REMF") which has a rich and fascinating history we won't go into here, except that it used to have overtly "Ew, GAY" connotations and has been reformed as an acronym standing for "Personnel Other than Grunts." Damned if that one isn't all PC without even having been ordered to be.

The Marine Corps Times included this helpful photo of an amphibious assault vehicle to illustrate that the people operating it will still be amphibious and ready to assault something, no matter what you call them:

The Navy used our taxes for this public domain photo, so let's get some value out of it.

Yr Wonkette predicts that when some of these terms are revised in 30 years, due to technological change or some other reason, the bitching about the damage to tradition and esprit de corps will again be epic. And the shit on a shingle will still suck.

[Marine Corps Times / WaPo]

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