Marines Storm Sexual Harassment Party, Beat Up Navy, Army, Air Force


Seems like of late the military just cannot sate its appetite for sexually harassing ladies. The Air Force and the Army have been all about hiring dudes to prevent sexual harassment but said dudes have an unfortunate tendency to be sexual harassers, but the Marines have really lagged behind in the "how to treat women horribly" category of military service. But hey - better late than never, right? If you can't hire sexually harassing dudes to fail to stop sexually harassing dudes, why not just mount an online campaign of threats and harassment so you can all join in the fun?

And if suggesting that "female Marines achieved their rank by performing sex" isn't enough, maybe throw in a few threats against their Commander in Chief, because you really can't expect a Marine to just stoically stand there and take it when his brothers in arms are unconstitutionally forced to hold umbrellas by some civilian. (Because what you are supposed to do is jump and get that motherfucking umbrella yourself)

Federal law enforcement officials are investigating a former Marine and several active-duty Marines after they allegedly posted threatening and lewd messages on social media sites that targeted President Obama and a California congresswoman...

Investigators from the U.S. Capitol Police have been investigating several threatening posts against Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif., the Capitol Hill source said...

Several Marines also have been referred to their commanders for non-judicial punishment in recent months, said Marine Capt. Eric Flanagan, a spokesman. That punishment can range from raking leaves to loss of rank to dismissal from the service, he said...

Some of the posts suggest female Marines achieved their rank by performing sex, another shows a female Marine on her knees with a snake being put in her mouth. A recent post about Speier refers to her in vulgar terms and accuses her of trampling First Amendment rights.

Speier was targeted after her letter called attention to the posts, and she spoke out about what top military officers have described as a crisis with sexual harassment and abuse in its ranks. The Pentagon estimates that there were 26,000 instances of sexual abuse in the military last year, an increase of 35% compared with 2010.

How DARE you ask the police to look into threatening posts about you, Congresslady! What kind of freedom-hating monster are you, anyway? And you're trampling -- LITERALLY TRAMPING AND STOMPING ON AND RIPPING TO SHREDS WITH YOUR LADY SHOES THAT ARE NO GOOD FOR MARCHING ANYWAY -- the Constitution when you do so because you are shutting down a free and fair discourse and society as we know it will end because you will not let these gentlemen speak their mind.

Wait. That's not quite right. Let's timeline this sucker:

  • Some military people harass everyone in sight and there's a critical mass of WTF, people.
  • Some military people write posts on places like the Facebook - WHICH TOTALLY GETS TO CONTROL WHAT GOES ON THE FACEBOOK BECAUSE MARK ZUCKERBERG OWNS THE UNIVERSE NOW - that are your sadly garden variety sexual harassment assertions that the ladeeez can't get anywhere if they're not on their knees. Also, some kind of threats against the Kenyan Usurper.
  • Lady congressperson writes letter that says "hey maybe this might be a problem with the internet posting and the harassing because REALLY?
  • Lady congressperson gets threats because of letter.
  • Lady congressperson asks police to look into threats because that is what sane people do when they are threatened.
  • Somewhere in this process the bosses of the Marines tell Marines they cannot do this and make them rake leaves.

Pretty much we think this is normal behavior for threatened lady and we would do the same and also too we wish that we had military personnel that did not want to sexually harass ladies? Or threaten their C in C, who we understand has some place in the chain of command, even if you do not like him? Apparently not if you are Jim Hoft, the Stupidest Man on the Internet, because you will turn this timeline into this morsel of dumb:

US Marines accused Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier of trampling on First Amendment rights. In response, she notified federal officials and had them punished.

Um. No. No one has been "punished" by Speier unless we define that punishment as "Facebook takes down your posts and your boss yells at you because you're behaving reprehensibly at minimum and illegally at maximum." Also, too, again, Speier didn't get all rights-tramply and shut down the internet on these people out of nowhere. NO INDEED. She called attention to the current behaviors which range from monumentally stupid to felony-level illegal and then idiots posted vulgar things about her and cried foul about the First Amendment. Jesus Christ, Jim Hoft, yr Wonkette is making a cottage industry out of having to correct dumb things you say.

Only two things in life are certain right now and they are not actually death and taxes: Military sexual harrassers going to keep harrasing and Jim Hoft is going to keep getting dumber.

[USA Today/Gateway Pundit]


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