Marion Barry Somehow Not Arrested For Driving Drunk This Time

I'm president ... I mean, I'm Marion Barry, America's Mayor! - WonketteAmerica's Mayor (tm) was arrested again on Saturday, but he miraculously avoided the usual DUI or drug charges. This is what they call a "Christmas Miracle."

But considering the circumstances of his latest arrest by the federal police who seem to do little more than haul him (and Patrick Kennedy) off to jail every few weeks, we can say with almost complete pretend certainty that he was high as a kite, on marijuana. Why? He was driving too slow.

Anyway, it turned out his driver's license was suspended. Barry claims that's only because of a "clerical error," apparently forgetting that license suspension is a common consequence of living La Vida Marion. Barry says he'll sue the U.S. Park Police for "racial profiling," of course.

Barry Arrested, Claims He Was Targeted [NBC 4]


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