Marion Barry Totally Wasn't Drunk

America's Mayor was back in court this morning, this time pleading Not Guilty to drunk driving and three other charges.

The honorable D.C. councilman and most famous ex-mayor in Washington's history was charged in September with "driving under the influence, operating a vehicle while impaired, operating an unregistered vehicle and misuse of a temporary tag," which is pretty good for a single traffic stop.

Barry claims he passed a Breathalyzer test but refused to piss in the cup because he was "concerned about the chain of custody involved," according to WTOP. Oh, and it was the Secret Service who stopped him, since he was (allegedly!) swerving down H Street NW -- you know, at the White House. The feds say they couldn't get a good reading on the breath device because Barry wouldn't take the crack pipe out of his mouth.

Barry Pleads Not Guilty to DUI [WTOP]

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