Marion Barry's Office Having Angry Crack Withdrawal

barry.jpgFormer four-time DC Mayor and current Ward 8 Council Member Marion Barry is itching for some action these days -- a rush of blood, a big PR bomb, maybe some crack. His chief of staff, Keith Andrew Perry, is willing to satisfy these urges and has selected as his target the DC Examiner, that veritable wellspring of editorial controversy.

The Examiner's Harry Jaffe wrote a story on Oct. 12 as a follow-up to Barry's home robbery on Sept. 28, noting all the expensive goodies that were burgled. Among other things, these included "five Rolexes, seven Omegas, and eight Seikos." Jaffe awesomely used this to launch into Barry's history of not paying taxes, and Chief Perry is getting super mad faced! He sent a letter to Jaffe and the Examiner's editors yesterday, and it's nasty even by local political crackhead minion standards.

Marion Barry's chief of staff needs a hit [Word document]
Police report reveals Barry's hidden jewels [Examiner]


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