Marjorie Taylor Greene Knows What Is ‘Woman’ And It's MISSIONARY ONLY OK

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Knows What Is ‘Woman’ And It's MISSIONARY ONLY OK

Republicans are obsessed with defining what it means to be a woman, and they are very upset that people include trans women — that apparently means you don’t know what women are at all. Noted gender scholar Marsha Blackburn, who’s inexplicably a United States senator, wondered how soon-to-be Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson could possibly "resolve sex discrimination claims if she can’t decide whether the parties before her are women?”

This is not a serious concern, just as Blackburn isn’t a serious senator. Trans women are women. Republicans only demand a strict definition of “womanhood” so they can exclude trans women. It’s like the historically shifting definition of “whiteness” that has never included Black people but eventually included Irish and Italian Americans.

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Last weekend, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke at the Georgia Republican Assembly and enlightened the crowd with her own iron-clad definition of womanhood.

GREENE: [Judge Jackson] said she’s not a biologist. Now let me tell you what a woman is. This is a simple answer. We are a creation of God.

Unlike Greene, Jackson knows her limitations. Greene can provide a “simple" answer because she is simple-minded.

Here’s the video of people actually listening to this fool.

Greene continued her fractured feminist fairy tales: "Now I’m going to tell you what a woman is. We came from Adam’s rib. God created us with his hands."

I’m not religious but I could accept the idea that Ariana DeBose is the work of a craftsman God. Marjorie Taylor Greene, however, is evidence that God stopped caring long ago and outsourced production to some shoddy factory that uses cut-rate parts.

Greene is perfectly free to believe that her Sky God constructed women with specific “girl parts.” This is America with a slightly distressed but still functional First Amendment. However, she can’t legally impose her religious views on other Americans.

GREENE: We may be the weaker sex, we are the weaker sex, but we belong to our partner, our man’s wife.

Yes, she’s even free to believe this shit. She’s full-on Anita Bryant and Phyllis Schlafly fused together with random fly DNA in a transporter mishap.

You’ll notice that Greene has explicitly excluded cisgender lesbians from her definition of “woman.” She's even excluding all the single ladies! This is consistent with Republicans’ conditional support for women. They claim they want to "protect women’s sports" from trans women, but they have actively attacked cisgender women athletes who offend them because they’re outspoken liberals, queer, Black or all of the above.

Greene opposed the Violence Against Women Act last month along with 171 other House Republicans. She’s more interested in demonizing trans women specifically than protecting women in general.

Fresh from his alleged sex orgies, Rep. Madison Cawthorn offered a “simple” definition for women on the House floor Monday: "Take notes, Madam Chair. I’m about to define what a woman is to you. XX chromosomes, no tallywhacker. It’s that simple.”

Yeah, he said “tallywhacker,” as if he was giving the password for one of those Eye Wide Shut parties. Cawthorn isn’t a biologist, either, and he’s conflating sex with gender while simultaneously making an ass of himself. My ancestors were just as “simply” excluded from citizenship because of supposed "biological differences. Defining personhood based on skin color is as nonsensical as defining womanhood based on the presence of a “tallywhacker” or a “penis” if you’re a grownup.

Blackburn brought up sex discrimination suits but chromosomes and vaginas aren’t the primary reasons why women are discriminated against in the workplace. They also face discrimination from bigots like Blackburn and Greene who will always find reasons to consider someone the “wrong” type of woman. I remember the crap Hillary Clinton endured in 1992, 2008, and 2016, and her “correct” chromosomes didn’t protect her.

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