Mark Dayton to Hate Being Governor

Former Senator Crankypants - WonketteHe was, by some accounts (his), one of the least effective Senators ever. He accomplished nothing, hated being there, made no friends, and inexplicably closed his Washington office one weekend because of a made-up terror threat. This is why Mark Dayton (D-MN), is one of the most underrated Senators ever.

His single term in the Senate is over, because he didn't feel like raising money, campaigning, or being in the Senate any more. So, naturally, he's considering a run for governor of Minnesota.

As the minutes ticked down toward noon Wednesday -- the end of his one-term Senate career -- the departing Democrat said he is considering a run for Minnesota governor in 2010.

Considering that a trained seal could beat current Governor Tim Pawlenty (the Minnesota DFL accidentally nominated a Democrat last year instead) and that Minnesota typically elects the batshit insane as a matter of course, we're looking forward to Mark Dayton stepping down inexplicably after his single term as Governor. Then he'll end up President or something.

Senate Term Over, Dayton Isn't Done


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