Mark Foley, Cockblocked Again

The Foley Cocktober Surprise, as we currently understand it:

  • He probably didn't break the law. Because he wrote the fucking law.

  • If he fucked any Pages, it was probably after they were legal. And we're still not clear on if he did.

  • Between 1998 and the present, over eleventy-hundred Republicans were warned that Foley's behavior was increasingly inappropriate, but they just kinda shrugged or went off to tell someone else's boss.

  • He made two late-night trips to the Page dorms. In his tricked-out Bimmer. Probably drunk. He wasn't let in.

  • Cap Police love Page Dorm duty the most due to opportunities for Animal House-style peeping tom hijinks.

Ok, seriously, Pages were all cute and shit, right, but there's not exactly a shortage of barely-legal tail in a district with ten million colleges full of people who'd fuck any Congressman they could. We just don't get this guy.

Foley Cruising in His BMW; Another Dorm Visit in 2000 [The Blotter]


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