Mark Halperin Hasn't Gotten Veep Scoop Yet Because He's Too Busy Being Annoying


Hey you know who has been douchier than usual in the last couple of days is thatMark Halperin, the famous political reporter who thinks he knows everything but is always wrong. His website has all sorts of useful information -- campaign press releases, teevee schedules, etc. -- but also a constantly updated cycle of crap predictions. This edition of "Halperin's Take" is the worst thing anyone has ever written about politics. And yesterday he predicted that billion-year-old Republican Sen. Dick Lugar would be Obama's pick. WTF? And don't forget this gay little stunt too, in which he mocks political reporters who like to spread the shit without any factual basis. Projecting much? God he is a twit. Why are we even writing about this twit? Who? [The Page, HuffPo]


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