Mark Penn Poll: Mark Penn's Ad Is Best Ad Of Politics


Politics magazine will release the results of their "2008 campaign poll of political insiders" this Thursday, but we already know the winner of one category: best ad of the presidential race. It is Hillary Clinton's "3 a.m." ad, the one about how Hillary Clinton was the only person who could answer a telephone at night without getting us all killed, or raped. Mark Penn was the "thrust" behind this successful ad, which you may have read about in any column Mark Penn has written since then. Hell, Mark Penn's company even conducted this Politics poll, ha ha! No, seriously, that's actually true. We can't wait to see the winners of other categories, such as Best Thing Written (Microtrends), Worst Thorn In One's Side (Harold Ickes/Patti Solis Doyle tie) and Best Floating Film Script In Hollywood (Microtrends Part I: Pages 1-74). [WP/The Fix]


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