Here he is ruining a book party in his back yard a few years agoIt turns out that Mark Penn, the lardbot numbers swami who singlehandedly sank Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, can multitask by ruining several things at once. He recently turned his focus to the swank DC neighborhood of Georgetown, which he is ruining through a campaign of endless construction.

Penn's massive Georgetown home is being "renovated," which means that laborers are digging up some sort of storage dungeon for the squirrel corpses and Ho Hos. What neighbor could object to that? Mark Penn's, that's who! Apparently they are starting to complain because the work makes the sidewalk in front of his house impassable.

"His yard is an ugly, huge gaping hole that looks like the descent into hell. Then he put a Port-a-Potty on the lawn," one aggrieved local told Page Six. Another account describes the horror of "bales of hay" out front. When will Barack Obama apologize for this travesty?

Clinton Campaign Construction in Georgetown Ruffles Feathers [DC Metrocentric]


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