As good a time as any to blue-shell Mark Penn.Oh, this is fun: Mark Penn, Hillary Clinton's former fat Komodo dragon advisor, and "Bride of Mark Penn" are hosting a fundraiser at their Washington home for Charlie Crist. Charlie Crist, you remember, used to be a Republican, and Mark Penn used to be a pile of lizard poop upon which some nuclear waste leaked. Will Hillary Clinton show up to this event in her nightgown, as if in a trance?

Kendrick Meek should really move to another state and become its senator, because he is apparently too normal for Florida. What is going on with this election? It is just a compost pile of odd and crazy ideas.

But the real question is, at what point in the evening will Charlie Crist unwrap his turban to reveal that near-dead Mark Penn's life force has fused with Crist, creating a Mark Penn face where the back of Charlie Crist's head used to be? And then will Charlie Crist's campaign have to pay royalties to that pulp queen J.K. Rowling? [St. Petersburg Times]


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