Mark Sanford Rattling Around Governor's Mansion Like A Sad Ghost


Jenny Sanford and the four Sanford kids recently fled the South Carolina governor's mansion with their Dignity, leaving Mark to stew alone in a massive house filled to the rafters with the stench of Disgrace. He says it is "hard,"living alone, like a ghost.

He is also very annoyed with a state senator who wants to investigate all the times Sanford left his house without his security detail, since presumably he was departing for top-secret Nookie Assignations, either with the Argentine firecracker or some other gal(s).

Here's what Sanford told a local radio station:

“Look, I fell in love with one woman I should not have fallen in love with,” Sanford said. “And we all get that, and everybody's been trying to move on. But looking for other women based upon the number of times you left or didn't leave the Governor's Office, I think some of this does get to be a bit strange.”

Translation: Bereft of external opportunities for sparkin', the housebound South Carolina governor has turned his empty mansion into one vast masturbatorium. This is why he must resign immediately, to restore Honor to the state.

Mark Sanford says it's lonely in Governor's Mansion [Asheville Citizen-Times]


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