Mark Sanford Seriously Cannot Even Do Anything Anymore


Mark Sanford is sick, just sick to death, of Hypocrisy. First America was intolerant of true love and basically demanded that he pretty much ignore his own heart. Well, guess what, now everyone is angry that he has been spending time with his family! Specifically, everyone is criticizing him for using South Carolina's money to fly to disparate low-budget hair salons and to attend his son's soccer tournament, activities that are the actual diametric opposites offeasting on pre-sex carbonara with Maria, his Argentinian Roman candle.

The AP is reporting that since 2003, the governor's private jet has been instrumental in Sanford family bonding activities such as keeping dentist appointments and attending something called the "Greenville County Bronze Elephant Dinner." And now because Sanford had the decency to bring his sons along on such adventure trips, all of a sudden he is The Bad Guy, again.

In South Carolina, governors are able to use aircraft run by different agencies: a King Air twin turboprop run by the Aeronautics Division that can seat nine passengers, and smaller, slower propeller-driven planes managed by the Department of Natural Resources.

As governor, Sanford has flown 353 hours aboard the larger plane and an additional 73 hours on the smaller, propeller planes — a total cost of nearly $373,000, according to Sanford's office and other state records.

Sanford's children spent more time on the bigger state plane than the children of the past two governors, records show. At least one of Sanford's sons was aboard 43 flights during his first term alone. That compared with 11 during Hodges' single term and 12 during David Beasley's one term.

Well, uh yes, of course. "Hodges" and "David Beasley" did not also have to balance TRUE LOVE with occasional bad-faith appearances at various children's athletic competitions. Things are a lot less complicated and expensive when you ignore the poetry of your own soul.



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