Mark Sanford, Welfare Queen

Just recently South Carolina governor Mark Sanford was sayinghe wasn't so sure his state would take any of the federal government's stimulus bill money, because that bill was so awful, all full of pork and porky things. He was taking a principled stand! And then a bunch of snarky liberals like Paul Begala said "Fine, leave billions of dollars of free government aid on the table then," so of course Sanford had to reassess.

Yesterday Sanford reckoned that he would have to take a hard look at the numbers and see where exactly all this FREE MONEY was going. If it was directed at sufficiently worthy non-pork-like targets then fine, he might take it, but otherwise no thank you! South Carolina can get by without food stamps and secondhand clothes from the Democrat Congress, because they have a sturdy tripartite economy built on cracklins, shrimp, and sex tourism to depend on.

Mark Sanford's name was widely floated as a potential VP prospect for John McCain last year. This grandstanding clown is what passes for a "leader" in the new hip-hop GOP.

States prepare to combat stimulus strings [Washington Times]

Sanford on the stimulus: ‘Being against it doesn’t preclude taking the money’ [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]


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