Rachel Maddow thinks it looks like a giant tacky knife hilt stabbed into the desert. Good call.

Hey, remember that Martin O'Malley guy who is actually running for president? (Yes, as a Democrat.) He did a fairly smart thing Wednesday, seeing as how if you want to do well in the Democratic caucuses in Nevada, you want to get in good with the hotel unions, especially the Culinary Workers Union, which was key to Barack Obama winning against Hillary Clinton in the 2008 caucuses. And that's why Martin O'Malley went to join a demonstration by the Culinary Workers who are trying to organize Donald Trump's big ugly not-even-on-the-strip Trump International Hotel, which, despite being in Las Vegas, is really not very classy at all, especially if you consider that time in 2012 when the Health Department briefly shut down its steakhouse for being full of YOOGE bacterial colonies. Probably because there weren't union workers to do stuff right, we'd bet. Besides, who needs a union when you can just bring in Mexicans?

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The culinary union has been fighting to organize at the Trump International, which, the Las Vegas Sun reports, "doesn't provide free health care and pays around $3 or $4 less per hour than hotels and casinos on the Las Vegas Strip in which workers are unionized," according to union secretary Geoconda Arguello-Kline. The culinary union is also pretty big on immigration rights, and is very effective at getting out the Latino vote in the Nevada caucuses.

Speaking in 100-degree heat outside Trump's high-rise golden phallus in the desert, O'Malley said:

There are a couple things Donald Trump doesn’t understand. Number one, if we want our economy to grow we need to treat our workers with dignity and respect, pay them better and respect their right to organize. Secondly, in every generation, new American immigrants have made our economy stronger and better [...]

All of these workers here have a lot more guts than the candidates for the Republican nomination. They have the courage to stand up to the hate and the division to the sort of rhetoric that makes it hard for the economy to grow.

We like this guy! He'll make a terrific secretary of labor for President Sanders, we think.

And how did Mr. Trump respond to being called out by O'Malley? About like you'd expect: Martin O'Malley isn't even worth noticing, because he's not polling well, and therefore why would Donald Trump even care what he says?

Asked about O'Malley's joining the union organizing rally, Trump claimed he'd barely heard of the guy. "I know nothing about him," Trump said. "I think he's got less than one percent in the poll. And I did see my beautiful building on television ..."

Oh, but Trump sure was happy to see his beeyootiful golden hotel on the TV. Do people work there? They probably do. Wonderful people, who are happy without a union, because they work in the best hotel in Las Vegas, at least when the caviar hasn't been sitting out unrefrigerated for too long. They'll vote for him, of course they will. All his people love him, especially the ones who know what's good for them. And joining a union is not good for them, no, definitely not.

Between that presser Wednesday and an interview excerpt released on Fox News Friday, Trump had apparently studied up on Martin O'Malley enough to know that O'Malley's actually a terrible human being for apologizing last month for his flat-footed reply to members of Black Lives Matter. O'Malley later apologized for saying "Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter."

Trump told Fox's Jeanine Pirro that Martin O'Malley had suddenly gone from beneath Trump's notice to beneath Trump's contempt, saying that O'Malley should have stayed proudly indifferent to black lives, like Donald Trump:

“And then he apologized like a little baby, like a disgusting, little, weak, pathetic baby. And that’s the problem with our country,” Trump said, according to a clip aired on “Fox and Friends” [...]

“How can you apologize when you say black lives matter — which is true — white lives matter, which is true — all lives [matter] — which is true. And then they get angry because you said white and all…we don’t want you to mention that. What’s he need to apologize for?” Trump asked.

So, congratulations, Martin O'Malley! You've gone from irrelevant to disgusting, weak, and pathetic in just two days! We think Donald likes you.

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