Mary Worth Update: Momentum For VICTORY


Yesterday, I posted a call to action to get Mary Worth restored to her rightful place in the Washington Post and it electrified and mobilized all of you, obviously. You're probably casting around for updates while you're coordinating the mob that will burn down the Post's offices, so here's the latest!

First, like any good cause in our nation's capital, there's now a coalition behind it, namely the Don't Cancel Mary Worth Coalition. We urge you to join this group, which will presumably have both a lobbying arm and a militant wing soon enough, right away.

Second you should not feel that you are alone in your Mary Worth rage! Yesterday the Post held an online chat with Deb Heard, the Style section assistant managing editor, which elicited the following questions that she not so artfully dodged:

* "More of a statement than a question -- I guess I am disappointed that yet another long-time serial/soap opera comic like Mary Worth gets dropped, yet you keep strips like Baldo, Zippy and Out of the Gene Pool around. I am glad that Judge Parker can remain in The Post -- at least I will still have that long-time comic to follow."

* "I can't say I support the retirement of Mary Worth from The Washington Post, especially after an excellent recent plotline, which involved Mary and her friends being indirectly responsible for the death of an alcoholic Captain-Kangaroo-look-alike who was stalking Ms. Worth."

* "I am really sad about Mary Worth -- I won't mourn the other strips you dumped but it seems like there are so few "soap" strips left. Apartment 3-G getting the ax was a bitter pill to swallow long ago. I'm not sure I can survive losing Mary. Did other readers really hate her that much?"

* "Hi why are you killing Mary Worth? She is a very nice lady who tries to help people with their problems. If ever we needed Mary Worth, it's today with all the war and telling lies. Thank you please bring it back next week."

OK, so that last one was actually submitted by Wonkette West Coast

Bureau Chief Ken Layne -- and it never appeared on the site, which goes to show that the Post is running scared. Scared of the truth. FREE MARY!

Ask the Post [WP]

The Don't Cancel Mary Worth Coalition


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