Maryland Politician Proposes To Lady During 'Mock Police Raid,' Wastes Valuable Public Resources


United States Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland has a nephew in politics! You knew this. But did you know that said nephew, state delegate Jon Cardin, is atacky dingbat who should probably resign after diverting scarce police resources from MURDER INVESTIGATIONS to his dumb boat for the purpose of scaring his girlfriend into marrying him?

Slightly trashier than proposing on the Jaws ride at Universal Studios:

City police are investigating why on-duty marine and helicopter officers helped a Baltimore County state delegate propose to his girlfriend by pretending to raid a boat the couple were aboard, a department spokesman said Monday.

Officers boarded the boat, owned by a friend of Del. Jon S. Cardin, on Aug. 7 in the Inner Harbor. As the helicopter Foxtrot hovered overhead, adding to the sense of tension, one report says officers pretended to search the vessel and even had the woman thinking she was about to be handcuffed before the delegate got on one knee and proposed.

Megan Homer said "yes."

Ha ha, he sure got you, Homer! You were scared as SHIT! *High fives*


Police said they are investigating what appears to be a misuse of police resources at a time when the budget-strapped department is begging for private donations to keep its horseback unit running and is immersed in investigating the latest violence at the Inner Harbor - a double shooting inside the Light Street Pavilion at Harborplace over the weekend. Residents and visitors have complained that police presence is thin at best.

Yeah... just never should've done this. Calling over teams of boat cops and helicopters to stage one of those kitschy, overdone proposals that can only end in insta-divorce, when the rest of the city doesn't even have enough HORSES to chase the MURDERERS?

An Indecent Proposal for Md. Delegate? [NBC Washington]

Police-involved marriage proposal draws fire [Baltimore Sun]


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