Massachusetts Kids Play Cool New "Jail The Jews" Game, Start Being Anti-Semites Early


Hello, Bedford Massachusetts! We do not know anything about you! Perhaps you are near Boston, or perhaps not! We don't really care, though we do find ourselves chock full of consternation about what the hell is going on with your elementary schools up there, because damn.

Bedford school officials are reaching out to community groups for guidance as they cope with a recent series of anti-Semitic incidents involving elementary schoolchildren.

The incidents, which included a game called “Jail the Jews,’’ took place at two elementary schools and came a few months after police say swastikas and hateful graffiti were found at Bedford High School and one of the elementary schools.

You guys that does not sound like a cool thing for your kids to be doing. Perhaps your children watched a Romanian holiday special that suggested Jews were good for burning or you've let them watch Borat, which is not really age appropriate!

Though, to be honest, at least they are only pretend jailing their Jewish classmates rather than hurling them down a well, so small blessings. Very small.

Unfortunately, it does not look like the small anti-Semites in training have limited themselves to imprisoning their classmates. No, they have quite robust and well-developed terribleness towards the Jews.

In addition to the game played by students at one of the elementary schools, a child told her parents that a classmate told her they were going to destroy her country because she is Jewish, Sills said. In another instance, a Jewish child was told by a peer that she could not have a cracker because Jews didn’t believe in Jesus Christ.

Also recently, students discussing the difference between Christmas and Hanukkah made a comment that Jews were responsible for killing Jesus, Sills said.

OK, be honest. Did you kind of laugh at the part about the cracker? You did, didn't you. You are terrible. We are terrible. Mostly, however, these children are terrible, because usually you don't hit the "Jews killed Jesus" stuff until at least high school, when you can attend one of those cool "interfaith" groups that is really just a recruitment front for super conservative evangelicals.

So, parents of Bedford, please make sure your children do not try to jail other children, especially over their Jewishness. That is not really a fun game. Also, do not read the comments at the link, because you will feel both dumber and angrier. This has been a public service announcement from yr Wonkette.

[Boston Globe]


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