Massachusetts Senate Race Has David Denby Rolling In His Grave

  • Bazillions of dollars have been pledged to Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti via cellphone, just as Florence Nightingale would have wanted. [New York Times]
  • The situation in Port-au-Prince is not improving. [Washington Post]
  • Viktor Yushchenko, the Ukranian president who was quite handsome until that unfortunate poisoning incident, will likely soon be replaced by a more Moscow-friendly, less poisonable counterpart. [BusinessWeek]
  • Massachusetts' new Ted Kennedy may be a former nude model who hates healthcare, which is to say, the exact opposite of the old Ted Kennedy. A new poll suggests that New Ted Kennedy has gained some serious ground. [Washington Post]
  • Now that there's no longer a Pig AIDS vaccine shortage, nobody wants the vaccine, so doses are languishing on the shelf until the next crisis hits (at which point everyone will be sad the vaccines are expired and useless). [Des Moines Register]
  • Latest installment in the Leno/O'Brien/NBC feud: All shows are cancelled and will be replaced by a permanent loop of Rosie O'Donnell shaving her armpits in a tub of Jello Pudding. [New York Daily News]

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