Massage Teen Says She Wasn't 'Lent Out' To Bill Clinton, After All


Is Bill Clinton still America's creepiest old horndog? Maybe not! Some gal who was a 17-year-old masseuse/sex slave for Democratic bigshot Jeffrey Epstein says she was not "lent out" to Bill Clinton. So that's something! Then again, she's a trim little surfer gal with blonde hair, and that isn't really Bill Clinton's type.

Gawker website "The Daily Mail" has this excitable report:

During the outcry over the Epstein case, it emerged that another man with a notorious appetite for young women, Bill Clinton, travelled with Epstein to a number of destinations, including three times on the billionaire’s private aircraft.

Yet Virginia Roberts stresses that she was never ‘lent out’ to Mr Clinton.

On one occasion, she adds, Epstein did invite two young brunettes to a dinner which he gave on his Caribbean island for Mr Clinton shortly after he left office. But, as far as she knows, the ex-President did not take the bait.

Bill Clinton: Still gross to think about! [Daily Mail]


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