Massive Ohio Voter Fraud Actually One Connecticut Guy


Remember whenhysterical allegations of massive voter fraud in Ohio and other ACORNy swing states became the McCain-Palin campaign's last best chance to stop the half-breed Muslin from turning America into a wealthy modern superpower? Well, the investigation is finally finished in Ohio's huge Hamilton County, home to the city of Cincinnati and some 900,000 people. You'll never guess how many of them are voter-fraud criminals!

Okay, maybe you guessed, with a little help from the headline.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters subpoenaed the records of roughly 600 people who voted in the county during a weeklong window during which new voters could register and cast a ballot on the same day.

A report Tuesday by a special prosecutor appointed to the investigation found that only one voter committed fraud. A Connecticut man in town visiting his sister cast a ballot on Oct. 4 but later told officials what he had done.

So much for that. Just one more thing .... WHERE WAS JOE LIEBERMAN ON OCT. 4?

Records Search Turns Up One Case Of Voter Fraud [WLWT TV]


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