Massive Outing Coming Soon!

Hail Satan! - WonketteRelax, closeted gay Republicans at the highest levels of government. This time, the "outing" will reveal that 135 federal bureaucrats -- including NSA spooks, diplomats in the Middle East and somebody in the White House -- bought phony university degrees from a diploma mill.

U.S. prosecutors have charged eight people with running the apparently illegal operation and laundering about $2 million. The lawyers say they'll reveal all the names during the trial. In other words, in all likelihood you won't even have a job after November, so don't worry about the fake diploma thing.

And because everyone involved with the federal government is a pedophile, the diploma mill's boss was also (allegedly) caught with the usual 10,000 child-porn pictures on his computer.

Lawyer: Gov't workers got fake diplomas [AP]


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