Massive Penis By Idaho Governor's Mansion CENSORED

Back in, uh, JULY, a 60-foot penis etching appeared on a hillside of the Idaho's governor's mansion after some scurrilous teenagers (teenagers!) "applied extra-strength weed killer" to the grass. Things move slowly in Idaho, and "officials said at the time it was too late in the growing season to attempt to remove the image." Oh what the hell, let's just keep quoting: "Snow hid the oversized phallus over the winter, but when it emerged again in the spring some neighbors had had enough." So here's what they did: "The area was recently replanted with grass seedlings and covered with straw. A previous attempt by landscapers to obliterate the image only enhanced it with a dark green outline, after which it was covered with a bright blue tarpaulin for several weeks." [AP/Idaho Statesman]


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