Matt Drudge Deletes Entire Twitter Oeuvre; World Asks, 'Who?'


Pioneering aggravation aggregator Matt Drudge has gone and sent every single one of his Tweets down the memory hole, and nobody knows why. It's kind of like that time when George Washington killed his sensei in a duel -- there's just no knowing the man's mind, and it would be a mistake to try.

Still, the enigmatic man in the stupid fedora did leave a single tweet to explain what he was getting at:

On a more practical level, deleting the record of what you said is a handy way of keeping people from checking back on other stuff you may have said in the past -- though with 267,000 followers, you've got to bet there's a pretty good archive out there somewhere. So, yeah, sure, hooray for Matt Drudge, liberating himself from his digital past. On the other hand, we couldn't help but also think of these words from another Great Wizard, Sir Terry Pratchett:

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Doktor Zoom

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