Matt Drudge: Not Ready For Infomercials

Drudge made a hard sell on the Howard Dean bobbleheads up for charitable sale at Trover's Shop earlier this week, but apparently, Drudge doesn't move merch, as one person found when they went to investigate:

Expecting a mob scene, I went down to the Trover Shop bookstore on Pennsylvania Av. SE to find the store mostly empty and only four of the bobbleheads sold, according to the cashier. The Hill probably has the largest concentration of Drudge readers in the country -- does he lack credibility to the point that nobody believed that there would be a Howard Dean bobblehead, or is poor Howie past his merchandise-moving prime?
We're thinking Drudge is just marketing the wrong stuff. The Jeff Gannon line of boxer-briefs is selling like hotcakes in Dupont Circle. Speaking of Dean: hey, we never heard reports from his "victory party" on Wednesday night. Anyone get drunk and fall down? I mean, anyone who wasn't expected to?

I scream, you scream, we all scream... [DC SOB]


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