Matt Drudge-Obama Plot Led To Ghost Andrew Breitbart's 'VETTING 2: THE VETTENING'


Sad lumpen unemployed bitter former radio talker, inveterate gossip, bridge burner, and total future Wonkette editorial trainee John Zieglerhas a scoop that can no longer be confirmed by his alleged source, late American blogger Andrew Breitbart, and boy is it a doozy! According to Ziegler, Drudge was in man-love with Barack Obama and kept bad stories about him from ever appearing on his massively influential and ratshit-strewn website, "The Drudge Chronicles"; Breitbart and Drudge didn't talk more than twice in 10 years; and totally way more than that. Read on, Wonkers, for the night of the long knives is upon us!

It's John Ziegler's story and he's sticking to it:

It became very clear to me during the 2008 primary season that, for whatever reason, the Drudge Report was completely in the tank for the Obama campaign. When I addressed this concern with Breitbart, he readily agreed and admitted great frustration at what was happening. He even revealed that on several occasions he had tried to post prominent “negative” stories about Obama on the site but had seen Drudge take the highly unusual step of not only moving them down the page but also taking them off the site completely.

On some occasions, Andrew told me that Drudge even totally cut off his ability to update the web page and completely stopped linking to Breitbart’s site (which he interpreted as Drudge’s way of reminding him who the boss was).

Here is Ziegler's SHOCKING ACCOUNT of at least one time Drudge was "in the tank" for Obama.

On February 18, 2008, Michelle Obama famously told two different crowds that Barack’s success running for president was the first time in her “adult life” that she was “really proud” of her country. When Breitbart ended his shift that evening the story dramatically led the Drudge Report. However, just a few minutes later when Drudge himself stepped in, the link (along with two others charging Obama with plagiarism) was suddenly nowhere to be found. The story quickly died and never reached the level of “common knowledge.”

Your editrix remembers that, all the people in the media totally refusing to make that a story, and how, consequently, no one ever heard of it at all. And here is a time Ziegler says Breitbart totally called Drudge gay.

Breitbart never really knew why Drudge took this obvious pro-Obama position (interestingly, he told me they had only spoken twice in the approximately ten years he had help run the site at that point). He theorized that perhaps Drudge had become too “Europeanized,” but I personally concluded that Drudge simply knew that having Obama around would be fantastic for business. Breitbart never wanted to divulge any of this publicly out of respect for (and fear of) of Drudge, but the Andrew I knew would have wanted people to know about this after he was gone.

(Our emphasis.) Maybe the best part of all of this, besides all of this, is that little part right at the end there, where Ziegler assures us Ghost Andrew Breitbart would totally want him to divulge the thing he never wanted to divulge. Because that's how these guys' brains just work, you know? [Media Malpractice, via OC Weekly]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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