• Missouri is the Alamo/Gulf of Tonkin/Concord Bridge for Obamacare repeal. One of those things, whichever makes the most sense and makes Missouri sound the coolest. [RedState]

  • Conservative legislators are not interested in providing free meals to malnourished children, because Jesus would have already made these children un-hungry if it was actually worth the effort. [Matt Yglesias]

  • The sexually-repressed inbreeds who run the Montana GOP want to keep "homosexual acts" illegal, because butt sex is bad for inbreeding. [Think Progress]

  • Meanwhile, evil New York State will probably make it illegal to sublet your cottage in the Hamptons for less than a month. Just to put this in perspective: Fidel Castro lets you sublet for as little or as long a time as you find fitting. [Hit & Run]

  • Ben Marter's home cooking + The Politico's home-style reporting = Washington's favorite summertime recipe for objective shoe-leather journamalism. [Vanity Fair Online]
  • Matt Taibbi has about a thousand mean words for you, Lara Logan, but if you read between the lines it sounds like he probably just really wants to make out with you but knows you'll never let him. [The Daily Dish]


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