Matt Taibbi Thinks He's Some Hot-Shot Linguist, Like Henry Higgins


  • Michelle Obama is the spokeswoman for the new and groovy United We Serve initiative. But consider this: first we were asked to "stand" united and now the government wants us to "serve" united? That's a big leap there, going from just standing around to "cleaning up a neighborhood park", united. Baby steps Michelle, baby steps. [The Caucus]

  • What? Matt Taibbi has posted some sort of odd video from Russia, which he claims is very funny if you are like him and understand Russian. But wait, before you assume Taibbi is some sort of bilingual Tolstoy-reading Cossack genius: he posted the video at 1:02 a.m.! Yeah okay Matt, everyone speaks fluent Russian -- when they're drunk! This is so unlike you. [Matt Taibbi]

  • Some poor immigrant family had their door kicked in at 4:00 a.m by a SWAT team, which then proceeded to handcuff all the teenage girls in the room. Whoops, wrong door! And then Montgomery County generously offered the distraught family "a couple of movies passes" as compensation. And then the ACLU laughed and laughed and laughed. And laughed. [Hit & Run]

  • RedState has expensive-looking Venn diagrams to show how every state is debt-ridden and practically foreclosed! Oh no, does this mean Mexico gets California back? [RedState]

  • Every night our cultured, worldly President cooks a big pot of traditional Pakistani tuna casserole and then reads mystical Urdu poetry until it's time for bed. Jesus Obama, why don't you and Taibbi get married so you can speak Russian together? The rest of us will be watching television, like normal red white and blue-blooded Americans. [Politico]


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