Matthew Lesko Wants to Give You Free Money!

leskocar.jpgVividly clad welfare-state huckster Matthew Lesko ("What Do You Want The U.S. Government To Grant To You?") is having a contest. "I am looking for people to submit to me a story of how someone in government (at any level, including elected officials) helped you achieve a goal -- whether it was to secure some type of resources or funding, find employment...anything!"

1st Prize: $500. Runner-ups: $100. $500 doesn't sound like much, especially when it's so easy to get thousands of dollars—free!—from the government. But the competition is pretty easy. There are only three responses so far, and right now, here's the winner: "The long-time Postmaster that I worked for retired, and a replacement was brought in. I really shouldn't give her name, but she had very dramatic impact on me that ultimately led to me making a much better living, and a lot more money. She made the job so miserable and hopeless that it became very clear that for my own survival I had to get the heck out of there."

Also: Lesko's selling his car. $3000 or best offer.

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