Maureen Dowd Tosses Herself a Fine Word Salad

This week, Maureen Dowd'sBig Sexxxy Sunday Column contains exactly one interesting thought: "Obama is the victim of the elevated expectations he so skillfully created in 2008." Well that is very fascinating, Maureen! That would even make a good Thesis for a Column. Too bad this cogent statement arrives 85 percent of the way into an otherwise muddled word salad.

Oy, does this one start with a hell of a zinger aimed directly at OBAMA! "Atticus FLINCH" (OH SNAP MUTHAFUCKA!) is Our Lady of the Hackneyed Pun's latest hilarious play on words. She thinks our lawyerly prezzy-dent waffled in his opinion regarding the mosque in Lower Manhattan. Hmm, this might be worth investigating further, in some sort of intelligent, well-reasoned analysis. Haha, but this is a Maureen Dowd column, so that is obviously not going to happen.

Instead, she abruptly moves on to attack the dummies who think Barack is an Islammedhan. And even though she just basically called him a flinchy wafflepants pussywillow a few sentences ago, she suddenly begins to defend him.

Obama is the head of the dysfunctional family of America -- a rational man running a most irrational nation, a high-minded man in a low-minded age.

The country is having some weird mass nervous breakdown, with the right spreading fear and disinformation that is amplified by the poisonous echo chamber that is the modern media environment.

LOL, what is the point of sticking with a "subject" anyway, in an Op-Ed piece? She tells us all about how that persnatchety Muslin rumor is the fault of the Right Wing Media. She blames pill fan and serial husband Rush Limbaugh, who is a giant piece of human excrement molded by scatological elves into a kind of talk radio golem. She also blames the Reverend Franklin Graham, who is exactly the sort of sweet-talkin' son of a preacher man who drove Dusty Springfield to eat box (and drugs).

Then we move on to a new paragraph, which means it's time for Dowd to zig-zag her way to yet another self-contradiction! Whee! This is what a lifetime of white wine spritzers for breakfast will do to a writer. She goes on to blame Obama for ... the thing for which she just blamed Limbaugh and Graham!

The president who is always talking about wanting to be perfectly clear is ever more opaque. The One, who owes his presidency to the intense feeling he stirred up, turns out to be a practical guy who can't deal with intense feeling.

What? Who? One cannot shake the "intense feeling" that Maureen Dowd has lost the capacity for "linear thought," in her "brain region."

Ramble on, MoDo!

Too lofty to pay heed to the daily bump and grind of politics, Obama has failed to present himself as someone with the common touch. And to the extent that people don't know him or don't get him, he becomes easier to demonize.

Haha she made a reference to fucksies; Charlie Rose just blew a dusty load in his shorts.

Let's review this Pulitzer Prize winner's latest scattershot mind-vom thus far. Obama is a "rational" and "high-minded" gent in a nation of dumb fucks who believe everything Rush Limbaugh says (true!) Therefore, it is Obama's fault everyone thinks he is a Muslim (?!?!?)

Did Madame Dowd generate this waterfall of nuttery over laudanum tea in the labyrinth parlor with Sally Quinn? [New York Times]

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