Max Blumenthal Responds to Critics

Nation muckraker Max Blumenthal's scoop on the Washington Times (BREAKING: Times editors are ultra-right wingers!) has received, in his words, a "mixed reaction." This is sorta what he's talking about:


Ok, that's kinda funny. But in the sorta sad way that all blog comment zingers are.

We were also sorta unfair to Mr. Blumenthal, as there was a bit of new and juicy WT gossip in his piece -- namely the bit about how the son of the Messiah (Rev. Moon, owner of the Times, for you unsaved types out there) doesn't care for the immigrant- and UN- and North Korea-hating editorial position of his cult's favorite little soapbox. But all of that has been overshadowed by the news that there was a pederast pervert in charge of the WT HR department.

We are working on getting all the creepy, creepy stories we can about this guy. And hey -- if you're a Times staffer with a creepy story, you know where to reach us.

Mixed Reaction to "Hell of a Times" [Max Blumenthal]

Times Employee Arrested in Sting [WT]


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