Maya Keyes: The Opposite of Same Sex

Real Wonkette's gay boyfriend, sex columnist Dan Savage, gets some space today in the NYT on new lezzie poster child Maya Keyes, daughter of Illinois crackpot politician Alan Keyes.

One day some prominent gay or lesbian parent - Rosie O'Donnell? Melissa Etheridge? little ol' me? - is going to cringe in horror when Matt Drudge breaks the news that one of our children has become a born-again Christian Republican who condemns his parents for their "selfish hedonism."
Yeah, yeah: schadenfreude is a boomerang, baby. But still, we can't wait 'til one of the Bush girls -- whichever, either Jenna or Not Jenna -- starts tromping around in some big mannish boots.

The Gay Child Left Behind [NYT]


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