Today, we find out how many gay people there are while the Vatican works miracles in book selling (not that book!), and a new sport everyone can do but a new reality show almost no can join. Hmmm....

  • How many gay people are there, really, in the United States? Luckily, the answer's actually pretty easy: exactly the number of people who've met Ellen Degeneres or Ewan McGregor, whether in their dreams or in real life. [The Atlantic]
  • Because the Vatican won't stop complaining about it, everyone decided to buy the nun's book on self-love. Because the only thing better than Oprah's Book Club stamp is a public proclamation from the most public religious entity in the world condemning your book! [Washington Post]
  • There's a shin-kicking Olympics. Short people, unite! Now we can finally get payback famous for a sport that comes naturally to us! [Boing Boing]
  • The Dutch are thinking of hosting a reality TV show to pick astronauts to make a colony on Mars as a way to raise funds for that colony. Honestly, this story toes the line between amazing and exciting and worrying and a little nuts. It's the news equivalent of America's Next Top Model. [Slate]


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