Maybe Don't Joke About Customers Getting Diabetes, Starbucks Baristas

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Maybe Don't Joke About Customers Getting Diabetes, Starbucks Baristas

Oh good, just in time for another edition of What Not To Do If You're A Food Service Employee.

An unnamed customer in St. Augustine, Florida, just wanted a white chocolate mocha, which we can understand, as we ourselves suffer from a tragic Starbucks addiction and are drinking our particular choice of poison as we type this. Instead, however, they got a heaping helping of asshole as a barista wrote the above image with the words "DIABETES HERE I COME" on the receipt stuck to the side of the cup.

Understandably, this did not go over well. In response, the customer wrote "2 of my sisters are diabetic so ... not funny" on the cup and left it for the baristas, which is honestly a lot nicer than most people would be. They've even said they don't want an apology; they just want to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else.

Yeah, you know how we almost always side with the food service employee? This is not one of those times. Let's start with the obvious: don't be a fat-shamey asshole, because that's not OK. Second, don't shit on people with diabetes. Yes, we know those Wilford Brimley commercials were unintentionally hilarious (just because it is physically impossible for Wilford Brimley not to be unintentionally hilarious while doing ANYTHING). It's still not OK to shit on people with diabetes. Don't do that.

Look: it's true that food service employees are going to make fun of customers, often in the meanest possible ways. It's how we deal with the fact that our jobs frequently feel like a slow, soul-killing march into the depths of madness. The need to vent after a rough shift is fine -- if it's done in the back, where customers can't hear you and where nobody gets hurt. But you don't do it to their faces, and you especially don't do it right on their goddamned receipt, you colossal idiot. Unless a customer is an absolutely egregious asshole (like, say, the sort of person who appeared in Monday's Off The Menu) AND you don't really care about keeping your job, don't shit on them to their face, ever, for any reason. This is especially true if you're writing something on a receipt -- have you not learned by now that people can see that shit?

Starbucks, for their part, has issued a full apology and seems all-but ready to commit seppuku to cleanse their dishonor, but we have to say this isn't really on them. This is on one dumb employee who really needs to know when their HI-LARIOUS joke is best left inside the privacy of their own head.

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