Maybe He Wants To Be Impeached

Adios, jackass. - WonketteWistful admissions of looking at his Texas ranch on the Google, strange tales of Jenna setting up his retirement home in Paraguay where he can't be tried for war crimes, and now re-launching his utterly failed "Social Security reform" crusade less than two weeks before Election Day ... is Bush trying to lose Congress?

Republicans are sadly shaking their heads over the preznit's inexplicable public promises this week to screw up the only thing the majority of people have to survive on when they're retired: Social Security. The last thing you do right before an election is start scaring the shit out of old people -- you know, the only people who vote? -- unless you want to lose, or have been told to lose, or tragically misunderstood Frist's suggestion to not talk about Iraq.

We remember Bush 41 looking at his watch during a debate with Clinton and Perot. It was over. Nothing says "Can I go home now?" like looking at your watch halfway through a presidential debate ... or bringing up the one thing guaranteed to give Congress to the Democrats. It sure would be interesting to know what the hell is really going on at the White House.

Social Security Enters Elections; Bush Remarks Please Democrats, Perplex Republicans [Washington Post]


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