Maybe 'Matt Taibbi' Wasn't Such A Good Idea?


  • The new Missile Defense Agency logo looks exactly like one of those terrible muslin moon things. Coincidence or BARACK OBAMA? [Big Government]

  • No fewer but probably no more than two conservative bloggers agree that Jeb Bush should definitely run for president. [The Corner]

  • Don't pretend like you're too busy or something: Take this fun political quotations quiz. [True/Slant: Michael Shermer]

  • The State Department has taken a "neutral" position in regards to who owns Margaret Thatcher's Falkland Islands. We can't even send over a "neutral" Predator drone or something? Come on! Why does Hillary Clinton hate the Queen? [RedState]

  • Matt Taibbi goes plum crazy and nearly mutilates some poor man's face with a scalding cup of decaf. [Daily Intel]


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