Maybe This 'Top Gun' Guy Would Like To Rule New Mexico


There is a special rule in politics: only Republicans can be actors (Reagan, Schwarzenegger, Thompson). Republican actors are "serious," whereas the Democrats are just a bunch of hippie slobs who want to make North Korea our 51st state. That is why Val Kilmer cannot run for governor of New Mexico.

But maybe he will try anyway? So writes Lloyd Grove in Tina Brown's Internet Compendium of Idle Speculation Regarding Actors Running for Public Office:

The actor has been spending much of the past few months consulting strategists, spin doctors and politicians about a possible career move—and tantalizing professional Democrats in the Land of Enchantment with the possibility that he might jump into next year’s free-for-all to succeed the term-limited Bill Richardson.

Val Kilmer is many things, but he is certainly no Bill Richardson. He will still have to gain a good 30 pounds for that.

Val Kilmer for Governor? [The Daily Beast]


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